Talent Management

AGA has the expertise to grow an artist’s career

We can help you in management, marketing, event production and web promotion,  E-Mail us or pick up the phone and get professional advice on whatever questions arise as needed.
Whether it’s consultation, how to book your group, trying to reach other industry professionals, or to strategize a campaign to get you to the top.
Full management service is also available on a percentage basis for artists already breaking or established.
While you are working on making more great music, an artist manager is contacting people on your behalf who can help advance your career and create new opportunities. When the music is ready, the artist manager provides the introductions to important people in the music business, to producers and studios, and is keeping an eye on the”behind the scenes” goings-on in the music industry.
If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider taking it to the next level.